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301 Tattoo

 Please do NOT bring any extra people with you to your 

appointment! +1 is acceptable but any extra people 

will be asked to leave or wait outside. 

We are a Private Studio

Pricing varies based on the project being commissioned. 
   There can be a one time set price, Session Rates or hourly.

   I charge an average rate of $150 an hour for basic work. 
   Half day is 3 hours @ $450 a full day is 6 hours @ $1000 
               If you book for a half day or full day session the price

is set whether or not you sit the full time. 
All appointments require a Desposit. This deposit is NON REFUNDABLE and NON TRANSFERABLE 
       Deposits can be paid with any debit or credit card   

@ or cashapp $301Tattoo
       Once you have selected the art work and location on the body it is set.
       If you choose a different design and location it will require a new deposit, possibly a new appointment Date.
       The deposit is based on the size of the tattoo or the mount of sessions
       It is a MINIMUM $50 but can be up to $500 for Large pieces. 
       The deposit comes off of the total price at the time of your tattoo. It is Applied to the total
       Or applied at the time of your final session if it is a multiple session piece. 
If you do not show up for your appointment YOU ABSOLUTELY FORFEIT YOUR DEPOSIT no exceptions.  
   If you need to reschedule your appointment we require 48 hours notice or you forfeit your deposit.
   I am often booked a month or more in advance, sometimes up to 3 months on weekends. 
   If you have to reschedule please understand you will have to wait until the next available date.
I do NOT have a wait list. If someone cancels or reschedules I open the day and time to new money only BECAUSE
   and this is important - to be fair i would have to start with the next person who already had a deposit in 
   and go in order of every person thereafter until someone with a deposit jumped the spot which would then 
   further re arrange my schedule.  Too much hassle. 

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