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Wash the skin and Jewelry at the entry and exit points of the piercing. Clearing all dead skin cells, dirt. 

Do NOT touch or play with your new piercing.  The less movement and trauma caused during healing the faster your piercing will heal.


Tattoo Aftercare

Wash your tattoo thoroughly with a mild antimicrobial Soap. 

1-Do not Re-bandage your tattoo.  

2-Always wash your hands before touching your tattoo. 

3-Do not pick or scratch your tattoo

4-Avoid hot tubs, public pools and the ocean during healing

5-Do not overhydrate your tattoo

6-Avoid direct sunlight and tanning until tattoo is fully healed. 

7-Avoid tight fitting clothes that may irritate the tattoo.


Tegaderm Aftercare

Leave the Bandage on for 5-7 days. If it comes off any sooner

tstart regular tattoo aftercare. 

Do not leave bandage on longer than 7 days.

Do not Re wrap your tattoo.

Fluid is likely to build up under the bandage, that is normal and sterile. Do not remove the bandage. 

Do not overhydrate the tattoo or bandaged area.  

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